Lucey – The 1st Maltese Puppy

Lucy - Maltese Puppy

Lucy – Maltese Puppy

Lucey – the one that started it all:

I bought Lucey in 2006 without knowing anything about the Maltese breed, AKC or really about “show dogs”. I just knew that I wanted “one of those little white dogs”. In spite of my ignorance, Lucey turned out to be incredibly sweet, beautiful and smart.

Currently, my husband and I have four beautiful girls and two sweet boys that share our lives and home. We are working hard to continually improve our Maltese breeding program and quality of life for the dogs in our care. We breed for outstanding health, type, beauty, and structure, not to mention a really cute face and wonderful temperament.

If you, or a friend or family member, are looking for a high-quality Maltese puppy, Langford Ranch Kennels is here to assist you with the addition of your next family member. Contact us for more information!

Lynn Langford,
Langford Ranch Kennels owner